Expected results

Mediappro expects to bring a major contribution in the empowerment of leaders and persons engaged into the field of education to new media, oriented to safer uses, through a better comprehension of the present situation as it really is, and a better understanding of the mechanism of appropriation of those media by young people across Europe.

Concretely, Mediappro will produce three main results.

  • A scientific state of knowledge about the uses, the representations and the attitudes of young people facing the Internet and the subsequent portable technologies. This state of knowledge will be produced at the end of the first phase. The question of the security against reception and production of harmful and illegal contents will be of high importance in the selection and processing of available data.
  • A complementary observation of about 4000 young people from 12 to 18 years, distributed in various European countries. The goal of this study is to identify and analyse qualitative mechanisms of youth's appropriation of the new media in network, through the study of their representations, their attitudes and their practices of these media. Also here, a big attention will be put on the question of dangers and the attitudes facing risks.
  • A set of educational recommendations, concerning the young people from 12 to 18 to safer practices of the Internet and new portable audio-scripto-visual media, connected on telecommunications networks. It will not be a chart, but a development of concrete orientations to active educational steps, for specific populations, by age brackets and in different educational environments: school, family and informal setting. These recommendations will be presented and discussed at the time of the diffusion of the results, at the end of the project. The public of this meeting will be educational key stakeholders having an impact on the school, family and informal setting.
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