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International data

1.2.2. Equipment, uses : European data

A/ Eurobarometers

Several Eurobarometer surveys have been contracted by the European Commission in order to describe and analyse the major trends of ICT adoption by Europeans. The more recent studies (since 2000) are dedicated both to ICT equipment and Internet use among the population from 15 years old, and the only one aimed at children is strictly dedicated to safety issues. It seems that no European survey has been carried out among children and young people to understand better their real use of, attitude to and appropriation of the Internet.

The results showed that more than 4 out of 10 young people (43%) claimed to use a computer, playing video games or using the Internet. Nevertheless, the three activities that were most frequently practised by young people were meeting friends (74%), watching television (69%) and listening to music (66%).

The survey revealed that ICT was increasingly present in the daily lives of European young people. From a list of nine systems with a usage rate of at least once a week, only 6% declared spontaneously not using any of these, compared to 54% in 1997.

% of European young people using different forms of ICT at least once a week, 2001


The mobile telephone was by far the most widely used communication technology among young people: 8 out of 10 young Europeans claimed to use this means of communication at least once a week.

When examined at a country level these statistics do of course vary:

  • Mobile phone usage is highest in Finland and Italy (92% and 90%) and lowest in Portugal (72%)
  • Computer usage is highest in the Netherlands (87%) and lowest in Greece (41%). The computer usage rate is also under the European average (of 56%) in the UK (48%), Germany (52%) and the new Länder (48%), Portugal (50%), Ireland (53%, Italy (54%) and France (55%).
  • Internet and email use is highest in the Netherlands (76% and 69%) and lowest in Greece (20% and12%). These technologies are also widely used by young people in Sweden (74% and 67%), in Finland (64% and 60%) and in Denmark (57% each).

Generally speaking, ICT usage amongst young people is highest in the 'Northern' European countries and increased use of ICT amongst European youth is expected:

B/ International Telecommunication Union statistics (2003)

The ITU's Telecommunication Indicator Reports present an analysis of trends and developments in the global telecommunications sector, backed by official statistics from the world's leading source of telecommunication information.


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Two reports are available online concerning digital broadband content (music, games, mobile video applications, etc.) :

These reports focus on international market analysis and supply new prospects to businesses working in the field of new media and telecommunications.


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