Analyse and synthesis of the existing data

International initiatives

2.1. Insafe

The mission of the Insafe cooperation network is to empower citizens to use the Internet, as well as other information and communication technologies, safely and effectively. Insafe promotes positive, ethical use of online information and communication technologies. The network calls for shared responsibility for the protection of the rights and needs of citizens, in particular children and teenagers, by government, educators, parents, media, industry and all other relevant actors.

Insafe partners work closely together to share best practice, information and resources. The network will interact with industry, schools and families with the aim of empowering people to bridge the digital divide between home and school and between generations.

Insafe partners will monitor and address emerging trends, while seeking to reinforce the image of the Internet as a place to learn. It will raise awareness on reporting harmful or illegal content and services.

Through close cooperation between partners and other actors, Insafe aims to raise Internet safety-awareness standards and support the development of information literacy for all.


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