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International initiatives

2.3. European Schoolnet Projects

Projects in educational technology conducted by European Schoolnet include research and development work, and collaborative school activities.

Epicc : European Portfolio Initiatives Co-ordination Committee

There are currently many initiatives, in Europe and beyond, where ePortfolios have been implemented at school and university level. There are some promising initiatives in Europe; ePortfolios are being used for teacher education in a number of European countries.

Zoom - Kids on the Move to Kyoto

Children all over Europe collect Green Footprints that represent the distance travelled in a sustainable way, for the World Climate conference. From June until November 2003, children aged 4-10 years old from all over Europe were asked to make a symbolic journey to the Ninth Climate Change Conference in Milan. For one week they explored their daily journeys through fun and movement, and learned about sustainable mobility through play.


OASIS, Open Architecture and Schools in Society, aims to keep the public school educational system at the centre of young people's education, even on the Internet. The challenge is how this capacity can be transferred to the Internet while maintaining a competitive advantage for the public system.

European Quality Observatory

The aim of the project is to build up a European-wide observatory for quality in eLearning. The mission is to establish a comprehensive European information and support space for quality in ICT-based training, learning and education.

European Research Network for ICT in Schools of Tomorrow

The purpose of the European Research Network for ICT in Schools of Tomorrow (ERNIST) is to create a network of leading experts and institutions in research and evaluation of ICT in learning and innovative schools, bringing together education inspectors, researchers and practitioners. They will explore eLearning concepts such as new learning environments and virtual learning and identify the steps to be taken and indices of progress towards this aim that Ministries would need for evidence-based decision-making.


CELEBRATE is a 30-month, € 5m Information Society Technology project supported by the European Commission. The main task is to create an innovative approach to teaching using eLearning technologies, based on a vision of what electronic content (resources, services and communication tools) may look like in the future. The project will provide schools with an online content database that includes multimedia assets for learning.


The aim of the project is to create a multi-lingual international collaborative environment for young people aged 8 to 14 acceptable to differing national educational philosophies and approaches to Internet safety, thereby improving learning opportunities, demonstrating the value of the Internet and helping to build eLearning in eEurope.

European Network of Innovative Schools

The European Network of Innovative Schools (ENIS) plays a vital and unique role in European education and is a core activity within the European Schoolnet.


eSchoolnet is Europe's premier portal for schools. It is a safe multilingual learning community for teachers, principals, teacher trainers and students.

Virtual School

The Virtual School is 'for European teachers by European teachers', and is a virtual meeting place for teachers to discuss and exchange material and experience.

European Treasury Browser

The aim of the ETB project is to build an online educational resource metadata networking infrastructure for schools in Europe, to link together existing national repositories, encourage new publication, and provide a reliable level of quality and structure.


European Schoolnet's INSIGHT provides an intelligence, evidence and discussion space for education and eLearning decision-makers, information and communications technology (ICT) advisers, teachers and researchers.


eWATCH is an observatory designed to increase understanding of innovation and change in European education. It is focused on monitoring public policies at national, regional and local level, harvesting field and innovation intelligence in eLearning, including school markets and indicators.

The Internet offers new and exciting ways of learning and communicating undreamt of just a few years ago. Yet there are dangers to children : around fifty per cent of children have been approached by a stranger online.

School Managers Centre

The School Managers Centre (SMC) is a service for teachers, head teachers, and principals provided by European Schoolnet. It's an online resource centre and meeting place for School Managers from all over Europe. Take advantage of discussion forums to exchange ideas and experience, and play your part in a growing community of principals who support each other. Get tips and hints in technology use, management and reflect on your work.


myEUROPE is a safe web-based project and schools network. It helps teachers to raise children's awareness of European issues, via innovative class activities and school projects.

Comenius space

COMENIUS is a European Commission programme to encourage schools to collaborate across borders. International COMENIUS projects can improve professional skills, knowledge of culture and languages, and innovation in teaching. Comenius Space is a site for teachers and trainers active in COMENIUS projects and for those who would like to join.


The European Schoolnet Validation Network (ValNet) will facilitate building knowledge about innovation in schools and help create the conditions for creating the schools of tomorrow. ValNet is an accompanying measure for the validation and demonstration phases of R&D projects related to schools. The core activity of ValNet is to validate at least five Schools of Tomorrow projects using a framework methodology applied in selected schools across Europe, to cluster and animate projects and to consolidate and disseminate results.

Multimedia MM1010

The Multimedia Project with the European Commission falls within the framework of the Joint Educational Multimedia Call.


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