Analyse and synthesis of the existing data

National data Denmark

A/ Data about the Danish population

Population: 5,5 millions habitants 12-18 years old: 425.064


B/ Data about ICT

• The presence of the Internet at home

- 84% of the population have a computer at home (Ministry of Sciences 2004)
- 75% of the population have Internet access at home (Ministry of Sciences 2005)
- 92% of families with children have Internet access at home
- 72% of single parents with children have Internet access at home

• The mobile telephone market

92% of families have mobile phones. The most recent figures show a total of 5,5 million, which means one mobile phone per inhabitant on average.

Source : Danish Center of Statistics

• The games console market

29% of the population have a game console at home (Ministry of Sciences).

• The UMTS-G3 market

This market is in its first phase.

C/ Data about the Internet in schools

In schools the Internet is used in teaching, as all schools are well equipped with computers. Pupils use the computers for project work - and sometimes they are also allowed to use the computers for games.

Children and young people use the Internet for various purposes:

- computer games : 71%
- email 50%
- 67% schoolwork
- 50% looking for other kind of information on the Internet
- 68% for chat
- 31% for downloading music
- 18% make their own websites
- 10% download software
- 12% use instant messaging
- 7% use the Internet for shopping

Generally Danish young people have a high level of Internet access at home as well as in school. But they tend to use the Internet much more at home than in school although the Internet is used to a certain extent for teaching purposes.

Denmark has a high level of Internet access in homes as well as a wide distribution of mobile phones. The mobile phone is an everyday tool for almost every young person.


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