Analyse and synthesis of the existing data

National data Estonia

A/ Data about the Estonian population

Total population : 1 347 000
Ethnicity: Estonians 68%, Russian-speaking population approximately 26%

Source: Statistical Office of Estonia,

Percentage of young people (12-18): 8% (of which boys: 51%, girls: 49%)

Source: Statistical Office of Estonia,

B/ Data about ICT

Percentage of Internet :

- At school: 100% in 2005 (Tiger in focus research,

- At home: 37% in 2002 (based on research 'Me. The world. The Media', p.347)

Mobile phone market :

- 43% of schoolchildren have a mobile phone (boys:43%, girls:42%)

Source: research of Epp Lauk, Children of Screen and Monitor

- 72% of total population has and uses a mobile phone (based on research 'Me. The World. The Media', 2002, p. 348)

Games console market :

13% (boys: 18%, girls: 8%)

Source: Epp Lauk, Children of Screen and Monitor

NB - Some of these figures are two or three years old, and some data (for instance those concerning mobile phones) may be grossly underestimated.

C/ Overview

The digital revolution in Estonia started 1991, when the country freed itself from Soviet occupation. In 1992 Estonia had its first opportunity to establish an Internet link. As a result, the internetisation of society was very sudden.

Currently there are no reliable data about the situation of media literacy in Estonian schools. As an integrated theme, media literacy issues are taught or not in the way that schools find it possible. A research programme will be completed in June 2005.


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