Analyse and synthesis of the existing data

National research Denmark

Various studies have been carried out in recent years regarding children's and young people's media use and use of the Internet. Generally children and adolescents are considered to be competent media users, although recently there has been a debate regarding the Internet and how to make rules and develop teaching models in relation to the Internet.

Generally Danish youth has a high level of Internet access at home as well as in school, but they tend to use the Internet much more at home than in school although the Internet is used to a certain extent for teaching purposes. The mobile phone is an everyday tool for almost every young person. There is a tendency for parents, teachers and politicians to consider young people as needing protection in relation to new media whereas young people themselves consider themselves to be competent and tend to use the media as a kind of sub-culture, often having a greater insight into the technical aspects of new media than does the older generation.


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