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Posted by : Maria Apparecida Mamede-Neves from PUC-Rio Catholic University of Rio de Ja (Brasil) at 2006-05-18
Dear professor Thierry De Smedt , As a Full Professor at PUC-Rio (Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro), I coordinate a Research Group "Youth in Net", supported by the National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), foundation linked to the Ministry of Science and technology (MCT) of Brazil. The aim of our researches has been the relationship between young people and media. In this present moment, we are developed a strong research about the interactivity between university students (17-18 in the first period of the university) and Internet, considering their use and, chiefly, the symbolic representations they have about it. We are working together Dr. Pier Ceasare Rivoltella from UCSC - Catholic University of Milano – Italy, who is one partner of Mediappro. So, since I understand that there are common proposals between us and Mediappro, we are very interesting to hear from you if it is possible for us to maintain academical interchanges with Medioppro. If your group considerer this possibility, I think we can send to Mediappro ours results and conclusions and, on the other hand, to know about your researches. Thanking you in advance for your attention, I remain Sincerely yours Maria Apparecida Mamede-Neves Pedagogical Coordinator Central Coordination of Distance Learning ( CCEAD) PUC-Rio Tel/Fax (+51 21 35271454 or 35271455

Posted by : Tatiana Golovina from Russian e-Development Partnership in Mag (Russia) at 2006-06-06
Dear colleagues! How to be registered for participation in this on-line conference? How to participate without payment? How to organize collective participation? Who can take part? Yours faithfully, The coordinator the PRIOR-MAGNET (Russian e-Development Partnership in Magnitogorsk) Tatiana Golovina

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