Work plan

The Mediappro project will be organised along three main lines :

Line 1: Collection and analysis of existing studies

The project begins with the collection and analysis of existing results and studies across countries and age-groups, considering and identifying national perceptions, beliefs, values and behaviour, about children’s use of the Internet and new technologies. This first phase relies on the scientific committee and should be involved all interested parties (education, official and voluntary children’s welfare bodies, parents and teachers associations, industry, law-enforcement…).

To cover gaps and weaknesses which emerge and to extend the analysis to new technologies, the second phase consists in organising a survey in 9 European countries. The conception of this survey also relies on the scientific committee. It includes the definition of the subjects the survey will contain, the elaboration of the observation protocol, questionnaires and interview guide.

Line 2 : International survey

The survey relies on the survey’s partners, representatives of the nine European countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Poland and Estonia. This work includes contacting schools, giving questionnaires to selected classes and interviewing selected young people. It also includes quantitative and qualitative interpretation of results and a synthesis.

Line 3 : Elaboration and diffusion of educational recommendations

In the basis of the survey, the scientific committee will develop concrete orientations to active educational steps, for specific populations, by age brackets and in different environments (school, family, informal setting). Those orientations take the form of a publication with educational recommendations and a meeting with educational key stakeholders.

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